• After sales service

    After-sales support:

    In order to provide customers with perfect and thoughtful service, it is free from the worries of customers. Our company has established a perfect after-sales service system and effective after-sales service measures, and opened a dedicated after-sales service hotline to provide users with satisfactory questions and technical support; and has an after-sales service department to conduct regular return visits to customers. The company currently has a number of professional after-sales service engineers as a strong after-sales service team to provide guarantee for your after-sales service. Our company promises you the following maintenance services and provides repair services to you in accordance with the requirements of this service commitment.


    First, the machine limited warranty for one year

    The machine is guaranteed for one year free of charge from the date of your purchase (subject to the official purchase date).


    Second, after-sales process

    1. After the machine is successfully installed and commissioned, the company enters the customer file, dispatches the professional after-sales service engineer to be responsible for the technical tracking service, and regularly tracks the machine usage. After the machine has reported the problem, you can call our special after-sales service hotline: 021-59155956 or notify us in writing of the after-sales service department. We will contact you within 1 hour after receiving the notice to find out the detailed cause of the malfunction. Determine the time of home repair.

    2. When the after-sales service engineer is on-site maintenance, first check the machine in detail, then introduce the fault reason to you in detail, and then carry out the repair. After the machine is repaired, you confirm the repair and complete the signature on the after-sales service operation form.


    Third, exemption from warranty obligations

    Our company does not undertake free warranty obligations for machine failures, abnormal work or damage caused by the following reasons. Please choose paid service.

    1. When your machine is out of warranty;

    2. You have not used or maintained the machine or caused damage due to the instructions;

    3. Causes of force majeure such as natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fires, etc.).

    In order to provide you with better after-sales service and protect your rights, Shanghai Nafeng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes you to supervise our work.