• NFGT100-1000自流式灌裝機

    產品詳情Product Details

    用途與簡介/Brief Introduction:


    Filling valve, the machine USES special tee is suitable for the filling agent and cream products, especially for high viscosity material (such as thick sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, indicated, micro emulsion, suspending agent, etc.) of the effect is obvious, and high precision. The machine USES PLC programmable control, with 6 inch touch screen man-machine interface system, implements the automatic into the bottle, automatic filling, automatic bottle, electric, pneumatic components adopt international brand, to ensure that the performance of the outstanding quality and lasting stability. This equipment has simple structure, convenient operation, is the ideal filling equipment for high viscosity material. The machine is equipped with prevent drip with wire filling cocks, ensure filling after the completion of a drip-tight, no drawing.



    Control system adopt mitsubishi PLC control system, filling dose random tweaks


    Interface - 6 inches color hand touch interface operation, intuitive and simple, safe and reliable


    Improvements - blanking drip tight device, according to the material properties have diving filling function. (this function can be chosen)


    Mechanical parts, machine parts are made of high quality 304 stainless steel material can be used if necessary contact 316 l in extra costs.


    Counting test, real-time, intuitive reflect the yield of work.


    Bottle filling test - no bottle no filling, not enough


    Maintenance - the machine is in line with the GMP requirements, easy disassembly, cleaning maintenance.


    Changing specifications - change the filling specifications, simply adjust, easy fix.


    Environmental protection configuration, configuration framework of environmental protection, make the operation of the machine environment more clean sanitation. (the environmental protection configuration can be selected)

    技術參數/technical parameters:

    灌裝頭數The number of filling head

    8頭(可選4、6、8、10、12個灌裝頭)8 head (optional 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 filling head)

    適用瓶徑 Applicable bottles Drive

    Ф33-Ф100 mm

    計量精度measure precision


    罐裝容量Canned capacity


    生產能力Production Capacity

    2400-4000/小時2400-4000 bottles per hour

    氣源壓力bleed pressure


        Power Supply

    380 /50 HZ

    總 功 率The total power

    0.5 kw

    外形尺寸 boundary dimension

    6000×850×1800 mm