• NFKF5-30高速口服液洗烘灌軋聯動線

    產品詳情Product Details

    用途與簡介:/Purpose and introduction

    口服液洗烘灌軋聯動線由立式超聲波洗瓶機、隧道式熱風 循環滅菌烘箱、口服液灌裝軋蓋機等組成,適合于 5-30ml 等不同規 格口服液瓶的生產??赏瓿蓪λ幤飞a中安瓿瓶淋水、超聲波清洗、沖水、充 氣、烘干滅菌、冷卻、灌裝、軋蓋等工藝步驟的聯動運行。

    Oral liquid washing drying filling and rolling line by the vertical ultrasonic bottle-washing machine, tunnel sterilization oven hot wind cycle, oral liquid filling and other components of the rolling machine, suitable for 5-30 ml different gauge, etc Oral liquid bottle production. Can be done for ampoule bottle pour water in drug production, ultrasonic cleaning, flushing, filling gas, drying sterilization, cooling, filling and rolling cover joint operation of the process steps.



    Bottle washer adopts manipulator clamp bottle, is suitable for a variety of specifications of the bottle;


    Reciprocating mixer washing bottle with water spray needle track insert way, cleaning effect is good, save energy. And is equipped with needle shake device, improve the accuracy of injection needle inserted into the bottle, reduce breakage phenomenon;


    Mixer washing bottle the water pipe, injection needles completely separate, to avoid the cross contamination, in line with the GMP requirements;


    Pieces into the bottle inside the screw before adding buffer block, protect the screw, reduce broken bottles


    In pieces out of the bottle inside the whole import synchronous belt, the connection piece of conveying liquid, stable and reliable running


    Oven using infrared heating tube, stainless steel heating tube double heating temperature uniformity is good;


    In pieces filling rolling machine optional ceramic pump, stainless steel pump;


    Pieces filling without bottle filling, no bottle no rolling function.


    The whole line adopts PLC control, inverter, touch screen control technology, stable and reliable running. Touch screen can display the running state of each units, each control point of the water pressure, air pressure, air pressure, temperature, etc, according to the switch state and fault display, fault self-diagnosis and fault analysis and elimination method. The whole production process to achieve automatic control, on-line has the compressors control balancing device, ensure production is balanced.


    According to the needs of customers, but also available for selection:


    Pieces of Siemens, schneider, mitsubishi, Taiwan brands such as control system;


    Pieces of water, gas pressure, water temperature and the intensity of ultrasonic, dust particles, wind speed on-line detection, alarm, record and print system.


    Mixer ORABS, CRABS, aseptic isolator system.

    技術參數:technical parameters

    適用規格Cutting dimension(ml)


    生產能力production capacity(pcs/min)


    灌裝精度Filling accuracy(%)

    ≤ ± 2.5



    軋蓋頭數Number of rolling curtain


    軋蓋合格率Rolling cover percent of pass(%)

    ≥ 99

    總重量total weight(kg)


    外形尺寸boundary dimension(mm)

    9920 × 2003 × 2150